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Member Protection Information Officer

All clubs, associations and referee branches are required to have a person in the position of Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO).

An MPIO is responsible for providing information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern. They can also provide information and advice to sport administrators and complaint handlers with regard to the Member Protection Policy of that sport. 

What is the role of the MPIO?
  • Listen

  • Act as an impartial support person

  • Provide information about discrimination, harassment and child abuse

  • Provide information about the Member Protection Policy and options available to resolve a complaint

  • Provide information about relevant laws and the right to complain externally

  • Discuss possible strategies an individual can use to deal directly with the other person

  • Provide contact details for counselling or other referrals as appropriate or as requested.

What doesn’t the MPIO do?
  • Advocate

  • Intervene

  • Take sides or judge

  • Investigate

  • Give advice

  • Breach confidentiality


Wodonga Heart supports the role of the MPIO as an important and integral part of the overall process to assist in keeping our children safe.

Who to Contact



All team members have police checks and varied community service backgrounds and are registered as club volunteers.

Privacy and confidentiality of members is respected in the receipt and handling of issues or complaints. 

Please contact the above individual if you have any concerns, have observed inappropriate behaviour, child well-being issues, unsportsmanlike issues, etc.

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